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Acoustic Blankets 101

Acoustic Blankets 101: Everything you need to know about Acoustic Blankets also Called Acoustic Curtains
Acoustic Blankets

Acoustic Blankets 101: also called:  Soundproof Blankets, Soundproofing Blankets, Acoustic Curtains, Sound Blankets, Acoustic Barriers and also Acoustic Screens.

There is different Acoustical Blankets categories:

  • Commercial Acoustic Blankets
  • Industrial Acoustic Curtains


Acoustic Blankets in Commercial Environment

Acoustic curtains Ideal to be used in auditoriums, museums, church, theaters and offices. Acoustic Blankets in commercial use are lighter in weight and is used to create a better work space. Blankets also can be use as an acoustical treatment for office privacy, creating comfortable event spaces or in animal shelters to reduce noise levels from the pets.

Acoustic Blankets are made up of mass loaded vinyl to increase the mass and improve the room acoustics. Curtains are heavy and should be installed using heavy duty tracks, brackets, and rods.

Acoustic Blankets in Industrial Environment

They can be used to enclose a noise source, to hang as a sound barrier wall to section off a noisy area, to isolating stationary noise sources, indoors or out.

Outdoor, weatherproof, sound barrier curtains, custom cut to match your acoustic applications.  Ideal for isolating outdoor noise sources such as AC units, compressors, generators, pumps, motors, outdoor kennels, and construction sites.

Mass loaded vinyl and PVC coated fabrics are commonly used in this industrial soundproofing blankets. Blankets are heavy duty curtains that forms an effective sound block which can be hang around loud equipment, construction zones and highways, Industrial sound curtains can also be used in manufacturing plants.

How soundproofing Blankets Work – Acoustic blankets also called soundproofing blankets and manufactured in two configurations,

Sound absorber blankets that absorb sound to reduce noise and noise barrier combination blankets that absorb sound and block sound.

Both types of acoustic blankets utilize a fiberglass absorber quilted to various facings with optional barrier septum for use in indoor, outdoor, or high temperature applications.

Quilted fiberglass blankets are used to control sound and noise in industrial, manufacturing, and construction but also have various uses in private residential and public commercial applications.

Sound Absorption Blankets are used to reduce noise energy or the prevent the reflection of sound waves within hard surfaced environments and used in industrial plants, manufacturing, gymnasiums, auditoriums, construction sites and many other spaces.

Noise Barrier Sound Blankets combine the absorption of the absorber blankets with a sound barrier to both absorb and block sound and used in industrial plants, manufacturing, construction sites and many other spaces. Blankets are available  with grommets along the top edge for mounting, rolls goods for configuration in the field, portable screens or custom manufactured enclosures.