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Acoustic Blankets Enclosures

Acoustic Blankets Enclosures

Acoustic Blankets Enclosures are an incredibly versatile acoustic solution for industrial and manufacturing type (in-plant) applications.

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Our In-Plant enclosures are available both as partial or complete acoustic enclosures.

These acoustic blankets enclosures can be suspended, hung from the ceiling, floor mounted, wall mounted or suspended from roof decking. For maximum noise reduction ( 20 db(A) + ), we recommend complete enclosures. These complete enclosures still do offer different configurations for visibility, ventilation and adequate access.

Partial acoustic enclosures can still offer noise reduction of 15 db(A) + while only having 2, 3 or a 4 sided (without roof) enclosure.

  • Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers with NRC ratings up to 1.05
  • Permanent or Temporary Exterior Grade Sound Curtains
  • Sound Blankets Acoustical Pipe and Duct Lagging for noisy pipes, valves and duct work
  • Noise barrier ceiling tiles to reduce eliminate interoffice noise
  • Flexible Noise Barriers with STC ratings of 20-31
  • Comply with construction noise ordinances • 5-7- Year Lifespan
  • Noise Barrier Ratings Up To STC-36
  • Sound Absorption Ratings to NRC .85 For Long Term Applications:
  • Comply With Neighborhood Noise Ordinances
  • 10 + Years Lifespan
  • Noise Barrier Ratings Up To STC-38
  • Low Frequency Sound Absorption

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