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Acoustic Blankets Outdoor ANC-AB1-110

Acoustic Blankets Outdoor  ANC-AB1-110 offers the benefits of both a noise barrier and a sound absorber all in one for outdoor applications. Acoustic Blankets ANC-AB1-110 consists of a one-inch thick vinyl-coated-fiberglass-cloth faced quilted fiberglass that is bonded to a one-pound per sq. ft. reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier. Acoustic blankets ANC-AB1 product line is resin coated to withstand weather, moisture and the more demanding outdoor applications.

Sound Curtain panels are constructed with grommets across the top and bottom, and exterior grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges. The product is also available in roll form with edges bound or unbound.

Acoustic Blankets OutdoorSTC 29 Rating, NRC .70

Available facing colors on quilt: gray, tan, black, off-white

Available barrier colors: gray, tan, olive drab or blu

Class A (or 1) flammability rated per ASTM E 84

For use on Indoor or Outdoor Applications

Available facing colors: gray, tan, black, or off-white

Available barrier colors: gray, tan, blue or olive drab

Acoustic Applications:

With its 3-5 year life span* in the harshest environments, this product is typically used as a temporary noise barrier on outdoor applications such as construction site noise mitigation projects.


Acoustic Blankets Outdoor Also available with a two-pound psf noise barrier or a two-inch thick quilted fiberglass sound absorber for better acoustical performance.

Acoustic Blankets Outdoor Product Data:

Description                        Vinyl coated fiberglass cloth facing on 1” quilted fiberglass

                                             1lb-psf reinforced loaded vinyl barrier

Flammability                       Flame Spread: 23.0

                                              Smoke density: 30.0

Nominal thickness            1.0 inch

Temperature range           -20° to +180° F

Standard roll size              54” wide x 25’ long

Weight                                 1.2 lb psf

Acoustical Performance:

Sound Transmission Loss
Product 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
ANC-AB1-110 11 16 24 30 35 35 27

ASTM E-90 & E 413

Sound Absorption Data
Product 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
ANC-AB1-110 .12 .47 .85 .84 .64 .62 .70

ASTM C 423

* When properly installed.