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Acoustical Blankets Outdoor Applications

We manufacture heavy duty, weather resistant Acoustical Blankets also called Sound Curtains for outdoor applications.

We offer modular panels that can be used for short-term or temporary applications such as construction sites or drilling operations as well as long-term permanent applications such as HVAC systems, dust collectors and generators.

Acoustic Blankets Outdoor Case Study

Acoustic-Blankets Outdoor Acoustical Blankets Application Data  acrobat

Construction Site Noise
Neighborhood Community Noise
Temporary or Permanent Applications


For Outdoor Temporary Applications:

  • Comply with construction noise ordinances

  • 5-7- Year Lifespan

  • Noise Barrier Ratings Up To STC-36

  • Sound Absorption Ratings to NRC .85

For Long Term Applications:

  • Comply With Neighborhood Noise Ordinances

  • 10 + Years Lifespan

  • Noise Barrier Ratings Up To STC-38

  • Low Frequency Sound Absorption


acoustical-temporary-application Sound Curtains panels on Construction Site in Los Angeles, CA.

20’ high panels installed on concrete highway barriers and steel framework. (“Temporary Application “)

Exterior Grade Sound Curtains installed on structural steel frame system enclose Large Shredder.

Modular panels have grommets at top and bottom and exterior grade velcro seals
along edges (“Long Term” Application)