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Flexible Noise Barrier Application

flexible_noise_barriersIndustrial noise control barriers are loaded vinyl barriers that combine mass, flexibility and limpness to block noise from transmitting from one area to another.

They are available clear, non-reinforced, and reinforced in a variety of weights and styles to meet a multitude of applications. The reinforced barrier is available in tan, blue, or gray.

Acoustical Features:

Loaded Vinyl Noise Barriers

Reinforced, Non-Reinforced, Transparent and foil-faced lag styles.

Used for Construction, Residential, Industrial and commercial applications.


flexible noise barrier is a 1 lb psf non-reinforced loaded vinyl barrier used to stop the transmission of noise from one area to another. Typically used in a dry wall and stud construction composite products. Standard rolls measure 54″ wide x 30′ long or 54″ wide x 60′ long.


Industrial clear vinyl noise barriers are transparent vinyl barriers that offer significant noise reduction while allowing for visibility and easy access. Standard available weights include 1/2 lb psf, 3/4 lb psf, and 1 lb psf. Clear vinyl noise barriers are available in standard rolls measuring 4′ wide x 60′ long or strips.

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Vinyl Barrier ANC-VB60

Noise Barrier ANC-VB60R


Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers

noise-barrier-ceiling-tile Noise barrier ceiling tiles are die cut to sit on the top of standard lay-in ceiling tiles to reduce office-to-office or factory-to-office noise transmission.

Cut into 2’X2′,2’X4′ or 30″X54 with slits for fluorescent fixtures.

Noise Barrier Ceiling Tiles are utilized to reduce sound transmission through standard
suspended ceiling tile systems. The “B-10 NR/1” Fiberglass” product combines a flexible 1-lb psf
loaded vinyl noise barrier with a 1” fiberglass decoupler to enhance its noise reduction properties.
• Ceiling tiles are die cut to three sizes:
24” x 24”
24” x 48”
Or 30” x 54” –to go over florescent light fixtures, with diagonal slits in corners
• Easy installation, just lay on top of each tile or light fixture


Installed over an existing suspended ceiling tile system to offer speech privacy between offices or to
keep factory noise out of office areas. The fiberglass decoupler lifts the barrier up above the grid
system so that there are no gaps between pieces.