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Portable Acoustic Screens

portable_acoustic_screens_main2Acoustic Screens and Enclosures offer complete
mobility for maximum accessibility. Both offer rugged
all-welded steel tube frames and optional heavy duty

While most applications require our high performance ANC acoustical composite panels, ANC-QFA sound absorption panels are also available.
The modular screen frames can be arranged in various configurations to provide noise control around various noise problems in any environment.

Main features include:

  • Custom Fabricated to any size
  • Available with an acoustical roof
  • Utilizes high performance acoustical
    curtain panels
  • Available with roof panels for optimum
    noise reduction
  • Available with heavy duty frame

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This three-sided Portable Acoustical Enclosure with roof utilizing Industrial ANC-AB12 Acoustical Curtain Panels was designed for approximately 20 dB (A) noise reduction. The entire enclosure is mounted on casters to allow for complete accessibility to equipment. Clear vinyl view windows offer visibility.


Roof Top View Window


Roof Top View Window and Notch in the roof as well as closure panels along the open sides allow this Portable Acoustic Enclosure with Acoustical Blankets to fit snug to the machinery for maximum noise reduction while maintaining visibility and quick access