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Sound Curtains

Sound Curtains are available in a barrier backed or barrier septum configuration utilizing a variety of quilted fiberglass absorbers and flexible noise barriers.

Acoustic Blankets designed to absorb or block noise in indoor and outdoor applications. Acoustic Sound blankets are used to absorb and block sound from outdoor equipment or machinery but also effective as a wrapping around structural elements in buildings.

32 Acoustic-Blankets pipe-ducts
In-Plant Enclosure Outdoor Applications Pipe & Duct Lagging

Curtains Made from sound absorbing material and are used for Commercial and Industrial Soundproofing Applications.

Acoustic Blankets are cut to 4′ width X custom length, or available in any custom size required (custom slits, holes  patches, windows, strip curtains and more can more can be sewn in to your order).

These blankets are grommetted across their tops and velcroed down both sides for interconnection. Boasting average 20 to 40+ decibel level drops, these self hanging blankets are suspended either from a ceiling or floor mounted frame.